SketchUp goes BIM

Trimble has launched the brand new SketchUp 2014 with some very useful features like the completely rebuilt 3D warehouse, time-saving tools and a general performance improvement. But what’s the best news of all is the new classifier, which lets us  tag the SketchUp-objects with categories like walls, slabs, roofs etc. – this is a huge improvement if you think about importing SketchUp models into any BIM-Software and re-using it.

The biggest argument against SketchUp used to be that though it is a great and simple tool, it is producing “dumb” models without any intelligence that can be re-used in the BIM-Workflow. The new classifier is truly a big step for SketchUp and a good sign that the acquisition by Trimble will lead this great tool more towards BIM!

You can find more Info and the Download-Link for the new version over at 


Lejla Secerbegovic ist technikbegeisterte Architektin mit +10 Jahren Erfahrung in der Bauindustrie und Schwerpunkt in Digitalisierung und Building Information Modeling. Sie arbeitet seit 2015 als Technische Spezialistin für BIM bei Autodesk und schreibt regelmäßig auch auf dem offiziellen Autodesk BIM Blog. Schwerpunkte: BIM-Management und Standards, openBIM, visuelle Programmierung (Dynamo), Revit Certified Professional, VR/AR

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