SketchUp goes BIM

Trimble has launched the brand new SketchUp 2014 with some very useful features like the completely rebuilt 3D warehouse, time-saving tools and a general performance improvement. But what’s the best news of all is the new classifier, which lets us  tag the SketchUp-objects with categories like walls, slabs, roofs etc. – this is a huge improvement if you think about importing SketchUp models into any BIM-Software and re-using it.

The biggest argument against SketchUp used to be that though it is a great and simple tool, it is producing “dumb” models without any intelligence that can be re-used in the BIM-Workflow. The new classifier is truly a big step for SketchUp and a good sign that the acquisition by Trimble will lead this great tool more towards BIM!

You can find more Info and the Download-Link for the new version over at 

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