As you may have noticed if you are following me on Twitter, I was very happy to be able to attend the inaugural European Revit Technology Conference , held in Delft last Friday / Saturday (27th / 28th September). And let me tell you: it was an amazing, inspiring and well organized event!

I’ve never attended an RTC before and it was great to meet so many Reviteers, some of whom I have been following through Twitter and Newsfeeds since some time already. Amazingly (or maybe also not) I met very few people from Germany. This is also the reason why I decided to write this blogpost in English: as I started this blog, I decided to write in German because there are really too few German blogs about BIM or Revit – and a huge bunch of excellent English ones. Still, the RTC made me feel like writing a bit more in English and I guess I’ll keep switching English and German posts in the future according to the topic.

Back to the RTC, I visited some very interesting sessions on National BIM Standards, IPD, IFC, Intelligent Detailing, Adaptive Components, Using Parts and Assemblies in Revit and several more. The worst thing was indeed the fact that you had to chose between 3 highly interesting sessions each time – and knowing how decisive women are, you can imagine this was quite a torture! ; )
I’ll try to pick up what I learned during the RTC in my next posts, so stay tuned!

Thanks to the organisers for bringing this great event to Europe – if you have a chance to visit an RTC next year, make sure not to miss it!
I really hope I’ll be able to attend the RTCEUR next year as well, which will take place in Dublin somewhere in August (the exact date hasn’t been published yet).


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