May the 4th…

Three years ago, on May the 4th 2015, I started working at Autodesk aka the Dark Side. Still remember mentioning this to my boss.. and his face was just saying: WTF is she talking about? Did I hire a crazy person? 😀 
As you can imagine, I just thought: OMG he doesn’t know it’s the Star Wars Day? And he doesn’t even know we are the Dark Side?…
Well I’m proud to say that now, three years later, not only he, but also our whole team is perfectly aware and informed about such important facts and we even got two further cool Jedis aka team members – Holger and Frederic, this one’s on you!

What should I say – it’s been a blast working for this great company and especially being a part of the most awesome team here! I still remember my first Autodesk University in Las Vegas back in 2015 – I was overwhelmed not only by the size of this event and all the nerds I met there, but also by the fact that there was a bunch of storm troopers running around the whole time – now try to top that!

It’s been a blast ever since and I’m looking forward to the next adventures with Autodesk!

P.S. I’ve been struggling with myself whether to keep this blog alive or not, as I know I abandoned it in the last years due to the fact I’m blogging for Autodesk as well. But still, it is my playground and despite my other projects and platforms I’m active on, BIM me UP! is a part of me and I decided to keep it alive as an English-only blog. Of course I’ll keep blogging in German on the official Autodesk BIM Blog!


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