AU 2015 Las Vegas – There and back again

AU Las Vegas is so awesome, that even storm troopers attend it! After this sentence, what is left to say? 😉

IMG_3520Opening session with Lynn Allen being escorted by a bunch of storm troopers

Well, to be honest – a lot! It was my first AU and though I heard a lot about it, attending an event with 10.000 other people is just unimaginable until you really do it! I got a lot of useful tips from my colleagues, likes “don’t forget a scarf” (essential for Europeans not used to that amount of air-condition), “drink a lot of water” and “don’t forget to go out here and then” – I think these are really essential if you want to survive that crazy week! 🙂

AU actually took place between December 1st an 3rd, however the day before you had the chance to attend some other events, like the Computational BIM Workshop, a full day Dynamo-lab held by Matt Jezyk, Zach Kron, Andreas Dieckmann, Marcello Sgambelluri, Collin McCrone and other Dynamo-Superstars. They covered a bunch of different topics and gave the attendees a great overview of what you can do with Dynamo (basically: everything 😉 )

The 3 days of the actual AU passed by in a crazy tempo – I didn’t manage to visit half the sessions I wanted to, but I guess it’s a typical rookie mistake: willing to attend each and every interesting session. The good thing about the AU is that you can download all the handouts and that the most interesting sessions are available on video as well. So yeah I guess I won’t get bored during the Christmas holidays! 😉

There were some very interesting sessions about the future projects at Autodesk, most of them dealing with cloud-based services, like BIM 360 Docs (also known as Project Alexandria), which will be released next year. BIM 360 Docs is a document management system working smoothly with all other Autodesk products.

If you want to get a feeling of this crazy event, check out the hashtag #AU2015 on Twitter! The next AU will take place between on November 15th-17th, again in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

I’ll blog a little bit more about the sessions I visited and what I learned in the next weeks – in the meanwhile, here are a couple of shots from the AU:


Happy weekend, geeks! 🙂


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