ViveTrack for Dynamo

Some days ago I stumbled upon this tweet and couldn’t stop thinking about it:

In our VR Center in Munich we have a lot of interesting usecases, but if I had to pick one to show you, it’d be the implementation of real-time tracking on a 2D drawing, which you can see in this video. This usecase is based on a professional ART system and Autodesk VRED. 

But what if you want to realize it with more simple tools, like Revit and HTC Vive? I tested the ViveTrack Package for this usecase and the result is pretty amazing: Read more →

Why “Save as previous version” doesn’t work for Revit projects

“Can I save my Revit project for an older version” is the probably one of the most asked questions about Revit (along with “When do we get Revit for Mac” and “How can i override a dimension”) – Sasha Crotty, Revit Product Manager, posted a very nice explanation over at Revit Ideas as the explanation why this won’t be implemented:

First off, let me say that this is not a decision that we take lightly. Further, there is no motive that is not expressed in this post. Despite what a few posts here suggest, this decision has nothing to do with how we sell our products, nor is it a strategic move on our part. It is quite simply an exceptionally difficult (impossible?) technical challenge, which, were we to embark on fixing it, is unlikely to fully deliver on the expectations and experience that you deserve (more on this later). If backwards compatibility was an easy thing for us to do, we would do it in a heartbeat because we understand that this would enable workflows that are a true challenge today.

There are two ways we could approach the problem: freeze the file format or add converters that transform new data to old data to recreate the old file format. Let me address each one in turn. Read more →


BILT EUR, formerly known as RTC, has been one of my favorite events since its very beginning in Delft 2013.

This year I’ll be speaking about IFC and the brand new IFC for Revit manual on the first day of the event.
The manual has been created and published in English and in German.Having a look at the Agenda, I’m sure it’s going to be a great event again and I’m looking forward to some familiar faces and interesting conversations!  Also, I might have a quite prominent co-speaker and colleague, so stay tuned 🙂

Go BIG with Revit and Photoshop

As you may now, I’m a big fan of nice architectural presentations – who ever said a BIM model cannot be smart and pretty? 😉 Years ago, I presented at AU Germany and RTC EUR a session called “Architect’s Next Topmodel” – you can still view my PREZI or download the handout.

A couple of days ago I stumbled across this great tutorial on how to create axonometric drawings in BIG-style with Revit and Photoshop – also there are a lot of other great tutorials on this channel: