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Export Revit type parameters to IFC

Due to recent changes in the Revit IFC Exporter, the export of type properties needs to be explicitly specified in the user-defined property sets file.

In IFC - just like in Revit - most entities have types and instances. In the past, the Revit IFC Exporter has “forgiven” an unclean assignment in the configuration file. Due to various adjustments and general improvements to the IFC Exporter, this is no longer possible in newer versions (starting with Revit XNUMX). Due to this, it is important to consider the following when setting up the user-defined property sets (DefaultUserDefinedParameterSets.txt):

To export type parameters, it is no longer sufficient to specify the IFC class such as IfcElement or IfcWall, but rather requires the specification of the type (e.g. IfcElementType or IfcWallType).

Note: There is no type definition for doors and windows in IFC 2x3 schema, therefore IfcDoorStyle and IfcWindowStyle need to be used.
When exporting to IFC4, IfcDoorType / ifcWindowType are used.

Here's an example:

Line 1:
Test = Name of the property set
T = stands for I (instance or instance) or T (type), but no longer has any functionality. Important: Regardless of this specification, both instance and type properties can be specified in the same property set. Don't leave the value empty, just use T or I.
IfcWall, IfcWallType, IfcDoor, IfcDoorStyle = List of entities to which the property set will be assigned

Line 2:
Test property: Name of the property in IFC
Text: Data type (should be the same in Revit and IFC)
Optional: the name of the Revit property can be specified in the third column if it is not the same as in the IFC

Result: The property set is created on all walls and doors and filled with the specified instance and type properties.


IfcElement or IfcElementType creates the property set on all visible elements, this can be restricted by specifying IfcBuildingElement or an (multiple) explicit entity (entities):

The corresponding setting and the link to the configuration file can be found here:

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