Export Revit phases to IFC

We have already published a couple of articles around practical use cases for Revit phases:

Divide Revit model into construction stages (automatic translation / not revised)
Phases in Revit (automatic translation / not revised)

But what needs to be considered when exporting phases to IFC and can we export demolished elements? I answer these questions in the current Youtube video (see link below), but this article provides a brief summary of the most important aspects.

Only one phase can be exported from Revit at a time. However, since the phases build on each other, this means that all elements existing in the current phase are exported.

The emphasis is on existing – demolished elements cannot be exported, which makes sense from my point of view, as this could lead to confusion. After all, these elements are only displayed in Revit thanks to the view filters and such filters do not exist in the IFC schema, but can only be set up in the corresponding IFC viewer.

For coordination purposes, however, version comparisons can be used very effectively: for example, with Autodesk Docs it is possible to display all changes between two phases. To achieve this, the first phase is exported to IFC and uploaded to Docs, then the second phase (with the same file name!) and also uploaded on Docs, overwriting the first version - this initiates the automatic versioning and allows the 'version compare':

Last but not least, it is of course also important to attach the information concerning the phase assignment to the elements during export - these are not part of the standard properties and can easily be created with the following user-defined property set for all building components:

Please note this varies depending on the Revit localization - in the German version, the property names are:
Phase created = Phase erstellt
Phase demolished = Phase abgebrochen

Link to the full video (English):

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